Try our Dry Skin Sea Results Sample Routine today and receive a complete system of samples designed to target normal to dry, sensitive, dehydrated and dull skin. Comes with directions for an at home facial!

This kit contains 2mL foil samples of:

Ocean Botanical Sea Foam Cleansing Concentrate
Sea Splash Toner
Ocean Botanical Iridaea Exfoliator
Potent Sea Kelp Facial Masque
Eye-Sea Relief Serum
Deep Sea Moisturizer
One pair of Wild Seaweed Eye Masque
Have you ever been curious which Seaflora products are best for dry skin, but didn’t know where to start? Well, we have taken the guess work out for you with our safe for sensitive, Seaflora’s Dry Skin Routine! From crepe to flawless in no time at all , detoxify, heal and nourish your way to optimal skin health and discover our legendary Seaflora glow!

Enjoy a spa day at home with this clean skin care sample regimen that targets and prevents dry skin. Encourage cell turnover, improve elasticity and gain back your skin confidence! Canadian thalassotherapy without the ocean smell, breathe in and relax to the scent of lavender and chamomile.

Handmade with love, just for you!

Seaflora Skin Care Dry Skin Sample Pack