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Workshops and events

The Haven holds and hosts events and workshops

Contact us if you're looking for a space to hold a workshop or event!

Buddha Statue

Couple's Massage Workshop

Join Krysta and Corinne for a couples massage workshop in celebration of Valentine's month! Learn some Thai Yoga and Shiatsu Massage techniques that will give you the skills to help stretch out and relieve tense and sore muscles on your partner.


Thai Yoga Massage includes a variety of different yoga (asana) poses that stretch areas of the body while simultaneously massaging the muscles.. Movement in this massage technique alleviates muscle tension and improves circulation. Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork that focuses on pressure points down the different energy meridians of the body giving the recipient deep, relaxing relief from tight muscles and stiff joints.

These forms of massage are practiced with a mat on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing allowing for ease of movement and flexibility.


Date: TBA (Likely late April or May)

There will be a small break for lunch,

The Haven will provide snacks and light beverages


Workshop is $175+GST/Couple

Restorative Bodywork Series

Join Krysta and Melissa for a Restorative Yoga and assisted bodywork series class.

Restorative Bodywork is the art of combining Manual Therapy and Restorative Yoga in conjunction with one another as a means to balance and align the body, mind, breath and soul.


Restorative yoga poses are used in conjunction with myofascial release techniques as a gateway to identify, assess and release deep holding patterns that feed chronic pain or stress related elements. This helps regulate the client's nervous system and introduces vast new healing and well-being possibilities for the recipient.


All who take the workshop will receive 50% off a private Restorative Bodywork Session with Krysta


Dates TBA starting late March after the couple's massage workshop

Those nterested are encouraged to contact Krysta by emaIL

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